Creativity and Design Research (CDR)
Modeling of Design, Learning and Tutoring Processes
Design Creativity Modeling
Modeling of Creativity and Learning in Design
Design Team Interaction Modeling
Design, Learning & Tutoring Interaction Management and Visualization
Design Creativity Enhancement Methods and Tools
Visual, Geometric and Design Reasoning (VGDR)
Intelligent Visual Reasoning Tutor
Visualization Principles Module
Intelligent Tutoring for Diverse Visual Reasoning
Assembly Reasoning and Design Module
Develop Tools to Assess Personal Creativity Modes
Develop Tools to Assess Design-Context Creativity Modes
Develop Learning Systems for Figural Space Design,
Feature-Based Spatial Design
Develop Configuration Design Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS)
Ontology-based Learner Modeling
Learning and Tutoring Process Modeling
Adaptive Learning Interface Customization
Adaptive Tutoring Strategy Generation
Rule-based Intelligent Tutoring Systems Framework
Simulation-based Intelligent Tutoring Systems Framework
Ontology-based Intelligent Tutoring Systems Framework