Technical Contributions of CREDITS Research

Findings on Design Processes and Creativity due to Fundamental
Research on Underlying Processes in Design Problem Solving.

Effective Design Education - Reflecting Individual Design Student
Needs via Design Learning by Doing Design through ITS.
Understanding and Education of Other Cognitive/Technical Processes.
Contribute to Exploration of Other Human Performance Improvement.

Active and Adaptive e-Learning Innovative Reformation of Educational Infrastructure Emergence of New Education & Learning Paradigm.
Socio-Economical Contributions of CREDITS Research
Enrichment of Creative Reasoning Capability-
Essential Competitiveness and Human Performance
in the Knowledge-based Society of the 21st Century.
Benefits not only Design area, but the Entire Society.
New Educational Paradigm of the Future.
Improves the Value of the Life in the Entire Nation.
Leadership in Active and Intelligent Learning Technology.
Leadership for the forthcoming New industry for
Human Performance Improvement.